V BENCH 2020

The idea for the bench derived from an interest in how to produce simple yet long-lasting. The bench should invite to sit for a while but also be pleasing to the eye in public areas. 

The shape is inspired by old boathouses near the harbour in the city of Aalborg, Denmark. The V-shaped base creates a simple silhouette that can be incorporated with light colours or more bold colours to fit the need of the public area. 

The two bases of bent sheet-metal keep the two planks of wood assembled by screws which means all materials can be separated and reused. The planks slopes slightly inwards to avoid water to lie on the surface. 

The bench can both be used in private homes but also for public spaces, and function as a small resting spot or for drinking coffee between friends. 

Materials: FSC-certified oak or Western Red Cedar, powder coated galvanized steel

Client: Free to edition