Holding a piece of folded paper with a pencil creates the illusion of protection and shelter. This narrative is the idea for the bird feeder, which makes protection for the small birds against weather and predators while they eat. 

Observing birds can be meditative to people, and in a fast-moving world, you need experiences that slow things down and where you can observe and reflect. The product design makes it easy for people to install, whether it is on the balcony or in the garden to enjoy the lively birdlife. The design only allows little birds to enter the food tray and can be installed in a tree or from a hook. 

The simple design consists only of a few parts kept together by lines while in use, which also makes it easy to produce and sent flatpack. Nothing is hidden, and all details creates the design – from the knots that keeps the design together to the wooden stick that makes a perfect resting spot for the little birds. 


Powder-coated, galvanized steel, FSC-certified teak and Polyethylene line 

Client: Free to edition